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Web Marketing

Pacific Resort Marketing provide a number of tools to attract travelers internationally including search engine submission (seo), pay-per-click (ppc), affiliate programs, email campaigns, web analytics, link programs, and banner ads.

Search Engine Placement

 Search engines are a very important source of quality visitors to your web site. Search engine optimization can improve your ranking in the search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. Potential visitors to your site will go to major search engines and search using keywords such as "beach resort Samoa". There is no point in having a wonderful web site, and yet nobody knows it even exists! We make sure your business can be found easily. Your site will be submitted to literally hundreds of search engines around the world, every month.


Pay Per Click Search Engine Placement - this is another way to ensure you are ranked near the top in search engine results. Specific keywords are very important to maximize its power. We can set this up for you and manage the process - this virtually guarantees a high ranking for your sponsored link, and can be extremely effective if set up and monitored correctly.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs - This program allows you to pay an affiliate travel organization a fee to send business from their site to your site - this can be a fixed fee per click-through, a fixed fee per year, or a percentage of the booking revenue.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns, online advertising, travel discussion groups, etc.- these approaches can be very effective online marketing techniques to target particular markets.

Web Analytics

We analyze the web traffic to your site (for instance, how many visitors are coming to your site every day or week, which pages they visited, which site they clicked through from (search engines, other travel sites, etc.). We don't just analyze the statistics or provide you with interesting analysis - we actively use these statistics to reposition your site and re-optimize its web presence.

Link Programs

It is important to increase the number of hyperlinks to your site. We identify and arrange links to you site, which may involve reciprocal links back to other sites.

Banner Ads

Banner ads can be an effective medium to attract awareness in the marketplace, and a click through to your site.


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