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Web Setup Price (Australian dollars)
Setup and Domain Registration / Transfer (includes first year maintenance and hosting) $1,000
Web Design and Development (5 page medium complexity) $800
Start-Up Cost (First Year) $1,800
Maintenance (Annual Fee) from 2nd year onwards  
Annual Fee for Monthly Maintenance (new images, new text, specials, etc.). This includes annual domain registration and monthly web hosting fee. $875
Web Marketing  
Search Engine Submission and Optimization (Annual Fee)includes analytic reports $500
Other web marketing activities request quote
Wholesale Promotion request quote
Retail Promotion request quote
Brochure Development request quote

Please note that charges usually apply per project, and not per hour or per page. For a web site design that involves more than 5 pages, consumes significant additional resources, or is substantially complex, additional charges will apply. However, these additional charges will be quoted and agreed before we commence such work.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • what is the project? are 5 pages sufficient? are there images and/or design that need to be used, or will they be created as part of the project? Is there content for the web site, or will that be written by Pacific Resort Marketing? Will there be any Flash or multimedia involved?

    Depending on the answer to those questions, we may provide a higher quote

  • When do you want the project completed?
    The more urgent a project is, the higher the charges.
  • How much long-term maintenance is required? Think beyond just getting site developed. You need to have maintenance covered too.



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