Increase Your Bookings and Revenue




We are an extremely customer focused organization where the only objective is to increase your bookings. We have an excellent track record of dramatically increasing occupancy and revenue. Think of us as your own combined Information Technology and Marketing company.

We learned this with our own resort in the South Pacific where we did exactly that. We have the skills to do the same for your business. We can completely revamp your image and communicate this to your target audience, through web marketing, as well as traditional marketing. We can conduct presentations of your property to your wholesalers as well as develop marketing material for their print and online brochures. Or we can completely eliminate the need for Wholesalers and provide an independent marketing channel for your business which is within your own control.

We are unique:

  • We support virtually every aspect of your marketing strategy, from business consulting to hands-on web site development and web marketing (to raise your profile with Google and Yahoo); from digital photography to promoting your property to wholesalers.

  • We possess a unique blend of required skills: Information Technology Skills (Computer Science degree), Business Science (Masters in Business Administration and Business Science degrees), Psychology (Masters in Psychology), etc. We also have real hands-on experience managing and promoting our own South Pacific Resort, as well providing our unique services to other resorts in the region.

  • We are completely focused on promoting accommodation & tourism properties in the South Pacific.

There are many companies that claim to provide internet marketing, but do they really understand your business? these are primarily technology-focused companies. We also do what they do to improve your rankings with Google and Yahoo  - but this is not enough! Many of your competitors may also be doing this too.

Without also having a real understanding of your business, as well as the field of marketing, and without the contacts with the travel wholesalers if you work with wholesalers these other web marketing companies cannot possibly provide the required marketing muscle to provide a broad, sustained and diversified boost to you bookings and revenue.

We have personal relationships with Flight Centre, Talpacific, Coral Seas, Gullivers, Go Holidays, Jasons, etc. Technology alone is not sufficient. We are unique in that we provide the whole package! Even the psychology skills to understand human behavior - how people search and find properties and how they make a buying decision to book with you. Finding you on the web is not enough - you need the skills to allow you to convert them to bookings to increase your revenue.

What have you got to lose - we guarantee to improve your business.




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