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Why have a web site if travellers can't find it easily?

Then, even if they find your website, does it grab their attention?

We Promote your Resort, Hotel or Tourism Business - with the complete range of services to suit your size, budget and profile.

Any size tourism business (B&B's, small motels, hotels and resorts, tourism operators). We also provide non-tourism related web and promotional services.

Web site design, construction, hosting and marketing. Web Marketing. Interfacing with travel wholesalers, travel media and travel organizations. Travel Brochure Development. Digital Photography. Presentations.

Many companies can design, develop or even promote your website on the search engines. But we are unique - we are in the tourism business ourselves, and understand all the facets of the industry that are required to promote a tourism business.

We are an extremely customer focused organization where the only objective is to increase your bookings. We have an excellent track record of dramatically increasing occupancy and revenue. Think of us as your own combined Information Technology and Marketing company.

We learned this with our own resort in the South Pacific where we did exactly that. We have the skills to do the same for your business. We can completely revamp your image and communicate this to your target market, through web marketing, as well as traditional marketing. We can conduct presentations of your property to your wholesalers as well as develop marketing material for their print and online brochures. Or we can completely eliminate the need for Wholesalers and provide an independent marketing channel for your business which is within your own control.

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